every now and then

every now and then

where to start…i dont know….maybe the problem is that I am not a landscape photographer, and until I went for this trip I was not even a car photographer, but it seems like I have no other choice than to become one of them at least part time….it is all great..no complains…sven is doing a good job..Mr.T is having great fun..Mr.B is once excited and once depressed :)…and me?…Fuck…I m trying to write my bachelor thesis and it is killing me…I never really had problems writing texts but now when I have to sit in the camping reading some crazy theory thinking about all the photos I could do!!!!!…and hell I m really almost not shooting so each one photo is a treasure…..somewhere deep inside I m still kind of hoping for a miracle…something is gonna happen and I’ll find the subject finally…cause till now it was just blow minding landscape, dramatic sky, millions of trees, lakes … everything looking so perfect…perfect colors…perfect houses with perfect happy families….this advertising of perfect life is following us as a bad dream…and the only thing I want is a little bit of break down…something that would not be so perfect, something that would create tension in this perfect atmosphere…guess I m too much into my favorite blocks :) … well we still have 17 days to go…so the goal is to finish thesis asap and change my sight…maybe I m gonna look for new eyes…eyes of a reindeer

but Mr.B is shooting more,here one of his recent posts from the trip

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I don't want my life to be a reason for other's life to be a suffering that is why I am vegan and that is how I want to raise my son. I love my little family, birds, rainy days and life on the road. I believe in life before death :).


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