Zofka kicks ass !!!!

Zofka kicks ass !!!!

I know I m gonna repeat myself talking about that ugly, terrifying, horrible, depressive GRAY behind the windows…but what can I do when this situation is not changing for two weeks already, and its becoming really traumatic….my biorhythm…no sorry I was gonna say something, but I realized that there is no such thing as biorhythm of my body anymore….I diversify day only by feeding birds in the morning, taking Mr.T for super short walks and otherwise its just a linear flow of some minor actions proceeded mostly in horizontal position….even making a coffee is so exhausting…Mr.B is trying to make steadycam steady for past two days, which makes him so occupied that he manages to forget that he is sick…and I m thinking how the world looked in the times when there was sun

by the way Zofka is gonna turn 93 years in couple of days…she rocks !!!!!!

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  • The photos kick ass just as much as Zofka does :)))

  • Hi, I usually don’t comment on blogs, it just somehow feels weird commenting on other peoples thoughts, when you never meet the person. but i must say here, that i simply love reading yours, i like the way you write, even if its about almighty greyness.
    I simply love your photographs. Hope to see more and more.
    Your Gran is the cutes person on the world.Go Zefka!!
    Take care x

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