summer jam

summer jam

….however unbelievable and stupid this may sound, it is the fact …..I’m ( soon to be 32 ) officially beginning summer holidays today…..we have loads of plans for summer and I know already, that some of those “events” ahead of us will sure be unforgettable….so I’ll start “holidays” today with washing windows…

….necessary update on today….I have to scream it out loud… week ago Mr.T had to be castrated….we went to see the vet, he checked Mr. and said the surgery has to be done right NOW, cause there are two tumors visible on his testicles….I was paralyzed…surgery went well, castration is normally uncomplicated surgery major…but one week waiting for the lab results was like living in the dark….and now the sun came out again…Mr.T is OK….tumors were removed soon enough, before they even had time to become malignant..

….SO, I’m opening a bottle of vine now to Mr.T’s HEALTH!!!…..

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  • Nadja says:

    Very cool Silvia!
    Have fun!

  • Monalisa says:

    Hello Silvia,
    found yr blog accidentally and im enjoying it. the photos are great too.
    Hi from Indonesia!

  • olgita says:

    silvia, i read the article about you and bart in ‘pokochaj fotografie’. i loved it! it’s inspiring how at the end you followed your passion – photography, and, just like it was meant to be, found your place in this world. there is such calm energy coming from your words… it gives me something to think about in regards to my own situation. thank you for your story!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hahaha.. love the post! :)
    and looking at Mr T. …. I can’t stop laughing :D

  • Mikołaj Tym says:


  • Thank you guys…i love to read such nice comments :)

    for olgita: wow I’ m really glad u liked that interview…actually I did not feel like doing it at all, cause I did not feel like I m in the position to consider myself and my ‘thoughts’ worth publishing in such a ‘offical’ way…so knowing that it made sense for even one person out there makes me feel much better about doing it …. thanks

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