„Man sieht nur, was man weiss.“

„Man sieht nur, was man weiss.“

some photos from Paris…..it seems as if it was long time ago….time is so abstract…just as talent…I hate abstract….you can’t touch it…I’m having problems these days….fighting with all those terms as art, artist, talent, talented and time….maybe it is only because I was developing sort of cultivating belief that I might have some talent that is worth to trust and work on…..it was a process….making myself believe that I really believe….but as days are loosing its color I’m starting to realize that I simply have to admit that I was on the wrong path….I don’t have to make myself believe that I believe…I just have to face the fact that I have no talent….at least not the one I was hoping for….this is not a depression, I only thought that naming it “loud” would make me feel better…anyway Paris is a nice place to see, but living there would never cross my mind

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  • ikrzysiek says:

    Ostatnia fota jest najlepsza.

  • Anonymous says:

    WOW!!! GREAT!!!!

  • Adomas says:

    the last one is epic

  • km says:


  • schronienie says:

    oh, c’mon, give us a break! (talking about not having talent) :)

  • Anonymous says:

    It sounds like a complaing of a slim girl who says “I am so fat, I need to lose some weight”.

  • Thank you all very much for comments, I always appreciate that very much.

    For schronienie and anonymous :)
    I think it is a matter of self confidence or ambitions. I m fighting with the idea what talent is and how it is being recognized or determined for a long time. Mr. B could write a book about it :). Those self doubts come once in a while, or used to, but now I m in the stage of a huge self doubt for some months already. It makes me so stiff and unproductive and depressed. I think internet makes it all even worse. Information and pictures are so easy accessible so it is natural one compares to the others…and that is the problem. I compare myself every single day with those who are much better than me and than I m loosing confidence in what I am doing and it leads me to not doing anything proper. It is a circle, and I can’t find my way out at the moment.

  • schronienie says:

    I understand where you are coming from and respect your point of view. However, I must say that it is harder to see one’s own capacities and what one tends to see clearer are rather our own weaknesses. As an artist you are obviously much more self aware. I guess this is what actually makes one an artist – constant meditation on who you are and what you create. I would say, just keep making things no matter what. Besides, it is impossible to stop breathing, is it? Sometimes our breath gets a bit shallow but we are still breathing.
    I like coming here for some fresh air :)

  • Dear Silvia, we love your site of life and your blog of thinking. Give us more and more.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi,it may sound bit chizzy but -I must admit great talent. I love watching your blog and your works – those are so unique and I feel that you are one level above of simple citizens! Comparting to other won’t do any good, as you are gonna lose the most important here – the uniquness, which is your great advantage. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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