Zofka has B-day

Zofka has B-day


Today is a BIG DAY…its Zofka’s B-day…she turned incredible 95 !!!!!!! I feel sorry I can ‘t be there to hold her and scream in her ear how much I love her and how happy I am she is with us for so long…I’m sitting in craziest city and thinking what would she say if she saw it…She hates high buildings and cities on the water scare the shit out of her….I was thinking how she could live here and sleep on the floor and how we would pick her up from there in the morning…I was thinking how she loved to look at the maps for hours and hours as if she was doing all the traveling she has not done…I was thinking that I can ‘t even call her because she would not hear me anyway and I can ‘t tell her I am in Japan because she would have sleepless nights until she would see me alive sitting on her bed again…I was thinking about her enormous mental power that made her move on no matter how bad she felt and how sore her body was until the point when she entered the phase of life where her body gave up on her….I was thinking how much she influenced me and she always will…I hope she knows how much I love her…happy B-day Zofka……


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