face remains naked

face remains naked

recently I realized that I m kind of obsessed with time based projects. I always have to work on something that requires some kind of regularity. Before it was morning graphix, than one minutes, diary, not long ago I started the beds. I was thinking where this need comes from. I know so many projects of this kind, starting with Friedl Kubelka and her Portrait Louise Anna Kubelka, through hundreds of people taking photos of themselves every day, easy to find on flick or youtube as for example Noah or not to go far a friend of mine Heno doing pinholes on the toilettes. Thousands of people and thousands of ideas based on some sort of regularity. And again, I’ve seen so many of them … they could easy be labeled as recycled ideas, but at the same time it is always interesting to look at those for many reasons….how the project itself develops, how the person develops, how the time goes, how the places change, how people change…i dont want to find myself dealing with the topic what is original, what was done before, and if it makes sense to do things which were already seen and may be understood as repetition….this discussion makes me always desperate :) ….I just wander why I always have to work on things based on regularity….is it because that I way I make myself do something every day, or does it make me feel secure…kind of like a footing, or it makes me feel more confident when I manage to work on one thing for a longer period of time…or is it simply from fear of time passing….whatever is the reason I m again at the point when I have to DO something particular daily….so I’m starting with the new idea….

face always remains naked but nobody considers it to be obscene

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I don't want my life to be a reason for other's life to be a suffering that is why I am vegan and that is how I want to raise my son. I love my little family, birds, rainy days and life on the road. I believe in life before death :).


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