white is coming

white is coming


The beautiful sunny autumn days may be over….the white days are coming….those are the days when everything is white, the air, the smell, the light, peoples faces as well as their expressions…it looks as if the world around shrunk into different shades of white and grey….it can be magic, it can be scary….but it gets most scary at the moment when white flow is cut by the red-green-gold flashy colors of christmas decorations underlined by “last christmas” tone jumping on you from behind the corners telling you that you HAVE to buy this, or that, because you NEED this or that in your life to discover real Happiness – the HAPPINESS that you dont even know it exists…but that is another story….



The most important story for today is the fact that I’m becoming digital…after discovering new possible dimensions of my life photography stopped being of No.1 importance and that made my decision easier…drawing takes a lot of time..that is why I was doing a lot of iphone photos lately…and I got really tired of them…so after few inner discussions but with constant feeling of betraying myself I made up my mind to switch to digital – not completely of course but to bigger extent than ever before… Now I’m only curious if we’r gonna make it to be a true friends with my Fuji Finepix X100



no shoe box, just a simple box

no shoe box, just a simple box

back home in Banska I accidently came across couple of old family photos…photographs were never very treasured in my family…they all are in one huge box, no albums, no labels, its just a mess of seemingly unimportant memories..I wonder why nobody cares about them, why they are treated as if they were not supposed to be…maybe nobody wants to look back….old photos are always trendy and almost any artistic project based on archive photos is a success…old photos connected with either concrete or untold stories behind them are always so touchy with the little mysteries they hide….everybody likes to look at them, for their undefined magic…just yesterday I looked through new Foam which starts with Seba Kurtis and his project Shoe box based on the lost and found family photos beautifully damaged by humidity and time…but the old photos in my family have no significance and value…I m not gonna try to change it, that is the way it is….just took the biggest treasures to scan, so in case they will get lost somewhere sometimes, they will still be here……

portraits from 1918

photo which stroke Mr.B very much….he was asking me why are all those people so happy :)

and again some happy faces…two girls on the left are having a blast there

this is my favorite …

who cares it is 2011

who cares it is 2011

so all the craziness is over, christmas and new year’s celebration…two “events” which I stopped understanding some time ago and my confusion about them is stronger every year (but I have to admit that I partied really HARD on New Year :). The good thing about it is, that I got to spend some time with my family. I wont deny that it all did not go so smooth and without any problems…after all each of us has a completely different life style going on, but we managed pretty well anyway. No family catastrophe, no loss on lives or permanent damage to mental health, which means that it will be very difficult to pack myself and go back to Warszaw….but it makes no sense to bother myself with such thoughts at the moment, since the date of our departure is still not clear. Something unexpected happend and we got some jobs here in Banska with Mr.B. We’ ll see how it goes, and if it goes we might have to stay one more week in Slovakia. It is kind of hard to keep track with my “internet life” since the connection in the mountains is really bad and I m happy to take a brake from the virtual reality…so for now just a small upload. An older photo of Zofka, which I love very much because it reminds me the times when she was able to live by herself and did not need home nurse, and a very recent photo of Mr.B and me working in interesting places on interesting photos.

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I don't want my life to be a reason for other's life to be a suffering that is why I am vegan and that is how I want to raise my son. I love my little family, birds, rainy days and life on the road. I believe in life before death :).


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