encounters series

encounters series


encounters and off

encounters and off


SO we are all set for the exhibition….it never ever happened till now that I would have all the photos framed and nicely packed 5 days before the opening…its kind of a miracle…only hope that things will not fuck up somehow when we’ll be installing them :) …. So if you happen to be around don’t forget to come and see the big opening of OFF Festival Bratislava on friday 2nd…..This time there will be one opening for all the exhibitions – which means around 18 – in one place….I think its really worth going…and if u do go stop by to say hi :)




encounters in Bratislava

encounters in Bratislava


the time passes super fast and its again almost november – which means Month of photography in Bratislava will start soon….As last year this year again Mr.B and I are exhibiting in the frame of OFF festival, so if u plan to be around we’d be glad if u had a look at our small exhibit – Encounters….And don’t miss the opening as this year there will be one common opening for the whole OFF festival.



Pisztoryho palac

Štefánikova 25

opening: 2.11. 18.00

Palac is opened

3. and 4. 11. – 13.00 to 19. 00

sundays – tuesdays – closed

wednesdays – saturdays – 16.00 to 19.00

exhibition will be on until 23.11.



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