pour me a glass of wine Malvina!!!

pour me a glass of wine Malvina!!!

when my mom was twenty she got for christmas at that time No.1 camera Yashica Mat 124G with flesh, but she never ever took one picture with it….later when ma parent started to date my father was in charge of the camera and I remember him running around and setting up that mysterious device which my sis and I could not even look at for longer than five seconds, so that it would not come to our minds that we might want to touch it….Last time when I was visiting my father I found all of the negatives form Yashica..of course I took them and scanned them all….I really did not plan to publish any of them…as I said before there is plenty of old family photos on internet and I dont mean to bother anyone with central compositions of my naked ass – parental fascinations by newborn……but I simply can not resist posting this set of photos from big family event….clearly I am fasciated by many time related attributes of the photos, but that is not the reason why I’m posting them….most of all I love those careless compositions of a photographer who really gives no shit about the result of his effort … photographer who is simply enjoying the moment … maybe I m a little bit jealous :) …. and of course I can not forget to give adequate credits to DJ and his vinyls….

and my BIGGEST FAV of all….lula love

recycling is good

recycling is good

today is 6.12. and I am melancholic like crazy…my family has a looong tradition of celebrating this day, we r meeting together, my mom prepares small performance (pretending she is St.Nicolas sneaking into the room) to entertain all of us but mostly my grand mom who is shining from happiness, this year I m not at home and all would be good if I did not get a package from my sis in the morning to remind me of the day and to bring a bit of christmas atmosphere…it was supposed to make me happy but I was crying for two hours…well anyway…I remained melancholic for the whole day and Mr.B got totally depressed looking at me…so I decided to finish cleaning the mess in my computer and hard drives which I’m trying to do already second day…but to say the truth looking at the old photos is really not the best way to get back in the good mood….I guess all I can say after today is ….

Lulaaaaaaaaaaaaa ved ty vies

before I archive and clear my comp and my head to fill it with something new a bit of dj-ing …. recycled compilation

my sister Lula is a scientist…I have no idea what she is talking about when she is talking about the things she does…but she is the BEST

lula and michal

lula and michal

I miss my sis, but otherwise it’s all getting better, snow is melting…

Beauty needs a beast

And what about portrait photography? I dot really know…praxis and theory don’t seem to come to one.

Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted or practiced. It is a practical and applied knowledge to one’s actions … what a ideal situation :)

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I don't want my life to be a reason for other's life to be a suffering that is why I am vegan and that is how I want to raise my son. I love my little family, birds, rainy days and life on the road. I believe in life before death :).


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