society6 account re-opened

society6 account re-opened


Some time ago I had an account on society6 which in reality ment they were selling iphone cases and prints of Mr.Master. I closed it down for two reasons. First of all there were people writing me that they are waiting too long for their case to arrive, or asking me about giving them discount if they buy more cases or some other issues. I had to always explain the same thing over and over again. Society6 is a platform where anyone can open an account upload pictures, photogrphs or whatever else and that is about it, rest of the job is done by society6. They produce, pack and send out all the orders, they sell and they set the prices for the items. What I get is a small amount from each sold item.
From one case for example it is 3,5 dollars. So it is actually really difficult to make money on it :) unless you sell 1000 cases a month, which of course was not my case :).
Second reason why I deactivated my account was that people seemed to be having some problems with cases for iphone4. Even though I could do NOTHING about it I felt stupid to be aware of it and still having them for sale. So why I decided to re-open now? Again for two reasons.
First of all I was asked many times in the past months about Mr.Master iphone cases and even if all those people who asked about it decide to buy one I am still not gonna make any serious money on it, but I just feel privileged that somebody still wants to have one.
And second reason is that my case on iphone5 saved my phone from breaking many times as it falls at least once a day and the case is still solid and unbroken. I also wrote to society6 about my concern and they assured me that they improved the cases and stand behind their product. So here it is Mr.Master and not only Mr.Master for sale again….as iphone case, print, bag, pillow, tank top, tshirt, hoodie, onesie for babies, wall clock, shower courtin … whatever you might like.

PS: once again to make it clear. If you decide to buy any product from society6 and you have any claims please contact their customer service not me as I can do nothing about any issue you might have.

PS2: if you decide to buy any prodcut from society6 with my design on it I would be very happy to know if you like it and if you are happy about it

PS3: and there is one more good news…there is a promotion on society6 so if you want to buy something you will get FREE Shipping and $5 Off Each Item !!!!!!!!! BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK PROMOTIONPromotion expires March 9, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.



new semester new start

new semester new start


I’ve been wanting – planning to write this post for some time, but could never manage. The more I was thinking about it, the more I wanted to say, and than I thought that it might me too long and too boring so I shortened it and again I thought that its too short and it does not say what I intended. And than the moving process from Warszaw to Vienna took place and that has put aside all my previous activities. Now as I did not do anything meaningful in one week I feel like the time has come to finally update my blog a little bit. Well if I was to begin the whole story from the real beginning I would have to start long long time ago and that really could get very boring. The whole idea of what I wanted to say is based on the feeling that I was having for last one or two months. I just took a look at my life from the birds perspective and was shocked by how all my life events were developing – in rather not linear manner – to bring me to this new discovery. First of all I never ever was drawing, there was a reason for it but I don’t think it is important now. After doing a studies in subject that I did not find interesting or thrilling in any way I ended up studying at the art academy after all. I would never think about it as of a possibility when I was 24. But it somehow happened. And I was studying photography and performance. Never thought about any other direction that I could be up for. Until I did not – in a complete insane and unbelievable way – fall of the bike and broke my neck :). I was almost about to finish my studies and the fact that I had to cut the semester and go through 6 months of “healing” process caused me some sleepless nights and depressions. Everything was planned and set up and than suddenly this freaky thing happens and I have to put everything aside. I was not doing anything for 5 months…well meaning I was not being creative. And than all of sudden I start to hate the fact that I have to live with myself in such a vacuum and I decide to draw…and I draw and draw and I feel happy, and more I draw the more happy I am, the more energy I have and I feel as if somebody took the parts of me and glued them together, I feel like its me again but its new me because this new me feels the best when drawing. It is like a eruption of volcano, like an earthquake…I m insane from happiness that I still have some time to spend at the academy and this time is gonna be full of drawing :) So all I wanted to say is that if I did not break my neck 6 months ago Mr. Master would not be here with me today :) PS: It feels like I’ve discovered drawing through photography and now I m beginning to rediscover new possibilities of photography thanks to drawing…and that is so exciting



go with the flow

go with the flow

I love those days when even going to toilet seems to be waist of time…when my head is spinning around from ideas, thoughts, pictures and colors…I love the light on september evenings and those misty mornings that are still to come….I love to sit at home watch the birds in the garden, see the leafs falling down from the trees and let myself go with the flow….I enjoy these short moments when I feel good and untouched by sporadic shit that happens….


Mr.Master today with a nice portrait to make a good first impression when entering the scene


and I’m continuing also collages


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