„Man sieht nur, was man weiss.“

„Man sieht nur, was man weiss.“

some photos from Paris…..it seems as if it was long time ago….time is so abstract…just as talent…I hate abstract….you can’t touch it…I’m having problems these days….fighting with all those terms as art, artist, talent, talented and time….maybe it is only because I was developing sort of cultivating belief that I might have some talent that is worth to trust and work on…..it was a process….making myself believe that I really believe….but as days are loosing its color I’m starting to realize that I simply have to admit that I was on the wrong path….I don’t have to make myself believe that I believe…I just have to face the fact that I have no talent….at least not the one I was hoping for….this is not a depression, I only thought that naming it “loud” would make me feel better…anyway Paris is a nice place to see, but living there would never cross my mind

and today is friday

and today is friday

Paris was intense in all the possible ways….developing and scanning films might take some time but for now results of our meeting with great tattoo artist Lionel Fahy and his 9 hours work

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I don't want my life to be a reason for other's life to be a suffering that is why I am vegan and that is how I want to raise my son. I love my little family, birds, rainy days and life on the road. I believe in life before death :).


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September 21, 2016
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