karma rocks

karma rocks

I can’t sleep…maybe cause I m after baking some christmas cookies with friends during which we had a discussion which could be titled “Karma rocks”…anyway I like the way things are…and I like these two polaroids as well

instant soup

instant soup

what to say here…nothing…the garden…the workers…and the last the best Karinka with Lajza

that’s the way it was

that’s the way it was

we had quite a busy time lately…but hell why not, when christmas time of love, peace sudden humanity and cookies is coming…we managed to do everything what we did not plan but did not manage to do even one thing of those planned..time is simply faster than us

we managed to do some reconstructions in the flat which took us loads of energy

there were constantly some workers around, some of them good some of them walking terror but one was for sure unforgettable, so if you ever need a specialist for wallpaper I truly recommend Mr.Czajkowski and his son

and if you want to make a fire from wet wood

or home made pasta call Makao…he is full of undiscovered abilities

if you have a hyperactive dog and you want to calm him down call Mr.B..that is his speciality…as well as

singing lessons, but he might not be willing to help you out with this..cause I really dont know what his plans with Teodor are

in case you want to chill you r welcome in our zen garden

and if you are workaholics I know some people – masters of chilling, who could show you how to do it for free

or you are thinking about a nice portrait as a christmas present than ask me I’ll try my best

dont ask Mr. B he is busy with Mr.T



november was again not the easiest month for us…but what does not kill you does not count…we r still having loads of FUN

off season polish coast

off season polish coast

Poland is a country of miracles…almost as Slovakia…they have all sorts of things going on….crazy things beating world records….that is why I like it here (sometimes :))))) )


after the robbery we are again busy doing and arranging stuff that has nothing to do with our plans…again 0 photos…just different workers coming and going every day…nervousity is raising….the air is full of tension…once Mr.B is desperate and when he is getting better I m getting worse…we just want to spend our days in some creative way but the reality is different…we r talking about alarm, lights in the garden, drilling walls, putting cables and so on….Mr.T is suffering under this circumstances and in order to release his anger he decided to lead fights with the birds coming to our garden…..times are difficult for all of us :)

argument from Silvia Sencekova on Vimeo.

9 days

9 days with Mr.B and Mr.T going around and around and around

BIG Time Polska

BIG Time Polska

44th day in Poland
I m sitting home, looking at the mess around trying to get organized and start to pack. Cant wait to be back in Vienna. I dont even know why, its not that I would love Vienna that much…but I want to get back to school :), to my scanner which does more or less what it’s supposed to do, to many small things. I want to take Mr.T to the park and not walk on dog’s shit, I want to lay in my bed in the evening and not listen to my neighbor snoring, and I want to go to the restaurant without asking if I can enter with the dog. Warsaw was very very cold, and full of “never seen this before”…I’ve never seen so many bottles of vodka on the streets, I could not even imagine so much dog’s shit on the streets and I sure have never seen a place with so many bars on the windows and doors, I ve never seen so many Marias wrapped in plastic flowers giving me that sad look from the run down backyards. And exactly because of these “never seens” I want to come back and see it all again.
We’ve been going around Poland quite a lot, villages and small towns were all so grey and somehow chaotic, terrible billboards seemed to follow us wherever we went, castle -like looking houses another “never seen”, terrible roads and shocking architectural design and of course no vegetarian soups if not staying in a big city. So how I feel about Poland? I love it. I loved Krakow, Gdansk, Mazury, seaside…I was happy to meet many great people, some of them highly inspiring, and most of them very active in their lives. There is something about polish people (dont want to generalize…of course I m talking only from my experience) which makes me admire them. They never stop, they discuss, create, think, do and produce. I miss that kind of attitude in Slovakia, where everything seems to be a problem and I miss that kind of attitude in Austria, where people love to discuss and talk but than again discuss and talk, intellectual small talks.
I sure want to come back more often, and than have a chance to go back to Vienna, or Bratislava or wherever. That is the life which gives me the freedom and possibility to love all the places, because in my subconsciousness I always know that I can leave.
And now I m leaving for couple of weeks to Vienna…who knows for how long.. :)

And of course can’t forget…big applause and good bye to the best tofu soup…RIP Toan Pho on stadium

Yes we managed to go to Mazury :)

Yes we managed to go to Mazury, the weather was OK, the air healthy and refreshing…but enough is enough, we’r moving to seaside

bart practicing for olympics from Silvia Sencekova on Vimeo.

teo loves sopot

I ve never been by the seaside in winter time, we had only two hours time for a walk, but I recharged the battery and Mr.T had his best time since we’r in Poland
I really hope we’ll manage to go to Mazury for couple of days …Mr.T still does not know, it’s gonna be a surprise for him
Mr.B thanks for the vid…you know I love it

s o p o t from Bart Pogoda on Vimeo.

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