BIG Time Polska

BIG Time Polska

44th day in Poland
I m sitting home, looking at the mess around trying to get organized and start to pack. Cant wait to be back in Vienna. I dont even know why, its not that I would love Vienna that much…but I want to get back to school :), to my scanner which does more or less what it’s supposed to do, to many small things. I want to take Mr.T to the park and not walk on dog’s shit, I want to lay in my bed in the evening and not listen to my neighbor snoring, and I want to go to the restaurant without asking if I can enter with the dog. Warsaw was very very cold, and full of “never seen this before”…I’ve never seen so many bottles of vodka on the streets, I could not even imagine so much dog’s shit on the streets and I sure have never seen a place with so many bars on the windows and doors, I ve never seen so many Marias wrapped in plastic flowers giving me that sad look from the run down backyards. And exactly because of these “never seens” I want to come back and see it all again.
We’ve been going around Poland quite a lot, villages and small towns were all so grey and somehow chaotic, terrible billboards seemed to follow us wherever we went, castle -like looking houses another “never seen”, terrible roads and shocking architectural design and of course no vegetarian soups if not staying in a big city. So how I feel about Poland? I love it. I loved Krakow, Gdansk, Mazury, seaside…I was happy to meet many great people, some of them highly inspiring, and most of them very active in their lives. There is something about polish people (dont want to generalize…of course I m talking only from my experience) which makes me admire them. They never stop, they discuss, create, think, do and produce. I miss that kind of attitude in Slovakia, where everything seems to be a problem and I miss that kind of attitude in Austria, where people love to discuss and talk but than again discuss and talk, intellectual small talks.
I sure want to come back more often, and than have a chance to go back to Vienna, or Bratislava or wherever. That is the life which gives me the freedom and possibility to love all the places, because in my subconsciousness I always know that I can leave.
And now I m leaving for couple of weeks to Vienna…who knows for how long.. :)

And of course can’t forget…big applause and good bye to the best tofu soup…RIP Toan Pho on stadium

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