….last day in Tallinn today…well I have to say it was GREAT…
I was working on my bachelor project shooting Lasmanäe suburb for couple of days..I dont really know where to begin. First of all I have to, in this very public way thank to Mr.B for all the help, without him I would not be here at the first place, but what is more important he managed in an extremely short time organize such contacts which led us to another contact and those to another ones, so that we ended up meetin bunch of great people who were willing to pose for the photos. Now I just have to hope I did not screw up something and that when I get my 20 developed negatives tomorrow I’ll have a reason to celebrate.
Anyway, Tallinn is an highly inspiring place and I am shocked by the hospitality of people living here, I dont remember meeting such an amount of helpful and cordial people ever before…BUT not to be only so highly positive, there are also strange things goin on here….

houses are hiding from people

and midgets, elfs and fairies are doing I dont really know what

but otherwise it is all good

PS: some short vids are coming soon, for more info follow Mr.B

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