no shoe box, just a simple box

no shoe box, just a simple box

back home in Banska I accidently came across couple of old family photos…photographs were never very treasured in my family…they all are in one huge box, no albums, no labels, its just a mess of seemingly unimportant memories..I wonder why nobody cares about them, why they are treated as if they were not supposed to be…maybe nobody wants to look back….old photos are always trendy and almost any artistic project based on archive photos is a success…old photos connected with either concrete or untold stories behind them are always so touchy with the little mysteries they hide….everybody likes to look at them, for their undefined magic…just yesterday I looked through new Foam which starts with Seba Kurtis and his project Shoe box based on the lost and found family photos beautifully damaged by humidity and time…but the old photos in my family have no significance and value…I m not gonna try to change it, that is the way it is….just took the biggest treasures to scan, so in case they will get lost somewhere sometimes, they will still be here……

portraits from 1918

photo which stroke Mr.B very much….he was asking me why are all those people so happy :)

and again some happy faces…two girls on the left are having a blast there

this is my favorite …

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  • Karolina B. says:

    I think in many homes the situation is the same. A month ago I forced my parents to give my my grandparents´photos so that I can scan them. I have a project in mind and I remembered we had loads of photos. Now there are only about 200. Where is the rest? Nobody knows. And they are kept at the attic, in a plastic bag in a shoebox. And most of them are without dates and signatures. Who are those people beside my grandpa or grandma? Nobody knows. Next time I´m in Poland I´ll be attacking another shoebox with photos, from the second grandpa. I really don´t understand why nobody bothered to put the pictures into albums or at least mark them with names. It would be so much easier. But what can I do now? Just get on with the frustration.

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