This post was supposed to be posted much much sooner…..the same day as I finished this film I ran to have it developed …. that was 14th of april. Since I usually have the films developed in Poland I was truly shocked as the guy in small print shop in Vienna told me that it is gonna cost me 5 euro …… for a moment I was thinking to fuck it and wait until I get to Warszaw, and develop it there together with 4 other films for same price …. but after all I decided not to be so materialistic and think more about the possible stagnation of my blog….I said Yes please do it :) ….. and that was a major mistake !!! Film was developed in 20 minutes, I ran home to scan it before the classes, thinking that I might be able to post my beds in the evening….BUT the guy in the shop did not tell me one crucial information. For the price 5 euro I did not only pay for developing…..there was something extra to it …. very cheap training of concentration, perseverance, stress handling and dealing with strong symptoms of aggression. I would actually call it 4 euro meditation-joga-zen course.
This way I would like to thank to Bildermacher company for giving me a chance to explore how it feels when it takes u more than one month to clean one film from dust and scratches. I have to admit that this post was born in tears, and if it was not those beds on the film I would have thrown it away on 14th of april. But today I finished doing something that seemed to be impossible and I feel very oooohhhhmmmm………

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