Spinoza from Kraliky

Spinoza from Kraliky


… we’r staying in Kraliky for couple of days now…I love how green and quiet it is…and even more I love the fact that I don’t meet people…people walking on the streets, talking, people running, people standing on bus stops, people waiting for subway, shopping people, ugly people, fat people, stinky people, loud people, strange people, nice people, people eating on the benches, people on bikes, people smoking on the streets, people sitting in cafes, people staring to nowhere, people talking on the phones, people making incredible noise and chaos…I’m watching Zofka, sitting quietly in front of the house, watching the street, counting those 10 cars that drive up the village a day and thinking about the wonders of the earth…sometimes she gives me these questions like :”Where all that water comes from? Where is the middle of the earth? Why those stars don’t fall down on us? What are stones made of? ” …. and I think about the book I finished months ago, but I keep coming back to it in my mind…at the beginning I was very sceptic about it cause the name is The history Of Love and when there is a book with such a title written by woman – Nicole Krauss, it it extremely high chance it is gonna be a disaster…but it was not…good I gave it a chance….

……..”Then one day I was looking out the window. Maybe I was contemplating the sky. Put even a fool in front of the window and you’ll get a Spinoza; in the end life makes window-watchers of us all.”……..
Nicole Krauss – The History of Love

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