Baudrillard hit the nail on the head

Baudrillard hit the nail on the head

…….in a subtle way, this loss of public space occurs contemporaneously with the loss of private space. The one is no longer a spectacle, the other no longer a secret. Their distinctive opposition, the clear difference of an exterior and an interior exactly described the domestic scene of objects, with its rules of play and limits, and the sovereignty of a symbolic space which was also that of the subject. Now this opposition is effaced in a sort of obscenity where the most intimate processes of our life become the virtual feeding ground of the media. Inversely, the entire universe comes to unfold arbitrarily on your domestic scene. All this explodes, the scene formerly preserved by the minimal separation of public and private, the scene that was played out in a restricted space according to a secret ritual known only by the actors……We are no longer a part of the drama of alienation, we live in the ecstasy of communication. And this ecstasy is obscene….But it is not only the sexual that becomes obscene in pornography, today there is a whole pornography of information and communication, that is to say, of circuits and networks, a pornography of all functions and objects in their readability, their fluidity, their availability, their regulation, in their forced signification, in their performativity , in their branching, in their polyvalence, in their free expression. It is no longer then the traditional obscenity of what is hidden, repressed, forbidden or obscure. On contrary, it is the obscenity of the visible, of the all-too-visible, of the more-visible-than-visible. It is the obscenity of what no longer has any secret, of what dissolves completely in information and communication……

from Baudrillard – The Ectasy of Communication

it is very interesting to publish my beds after reading the whole text from Baudrillard….makes me think and wonder and think and wonder….my highest recommendation to give it a bit time and read and think and wonder about it

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