vito you’r my hero

vito you’r my hero

I remember how I was impressed by simplicity of Vito Acconci’s performance called Blinking piece which he did in 1969. The idea itself is so simple, present to all of us and so complex at the same time. The photos which were result of this performance are also nothing else but simple documentary shots, but there would be no other proof of this performance if no photos involved. As Acconci said: “Performance as ‘double time’: I see what’s before me in the present—I will see, in the future, what was before me in the past.” The idea behind this piece was to take a photo each time he blinked while walking down the street, so that he could later absorb the look of things he was momentarily unable to experience directly.

Blinks are like punctuation marks of the mind, signaling a pause in the activity in your head.
Assuming an average person is awake for 16 hours a day, and assuming that the average western lifespan is 75 years that equates to 657,000,000 blinks.
What is it that we don’t see in life just because we blink?

I loved that piece so much that I decided to do my one time blinking project and asked Mr.B to do it as well….It was long time ago in 2009 but I just came across those photos now, looking for something completely different on my hard drive. I believe it was not coincidence to remind myself about this idea at this moment of time :)

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