and its over

and its over

My beds project is finally over it started on 12.2.2011 and ended on 4.2.2012 so I did not fulfill my intention which was to do the project exactly for one year. The reason is very simple, I forgot my camera in Vienna the morning we were flying to Sri Lanka which makes those missing days. As well I did not take the photo every single morning, either because I happened to unexpectedly sleep in a unexpected place and had no camera with me or for some other similar stupid reason. Through almost one year I slept in 34 different beds….some of them brought me night mares, some of them sleepless nights and some of them felt just right. As I look at the whole set now, I could even tell how many nights I spent with Mr.B by my side :). But to be sincere I m happy it is over, because to clean the negatives with only beds on them is the most boring thing I know. That is also the reason why I m posting the last series with couple months delay. Since I finished beds I was not working on any daily based project…I really needed some rest from that almost burden like feeling. But now I’m slowly starting to think about something new which would connect me with every day reality…..let’s see

the whole series can be seen on my web page


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