new semester new start

new semester new start


I’ve been wanting – planning to write this post for some time, but could never manage. The more I was thinking about it, the more I wanted to say, and than I thought that it might me too long and too boring so I shortened it and again I thought that its too short and it does not say what I intended. And than the moving process from Warszaw to Vienna took place and that has put aside all my previous activities. Now as I did not do anything meaningful in one week I feel like the time has come to finally update my blog a little bit. Well if I was to begin the whole story from the real beginning I would have to start long long time ago and that really could get very boring. The whole idea of what I wanted to say is based on the feeling that I was having for last one or two months. I just took a look at my life from the birds perspective and was shocked by how all my life events were developing – in rather not linear manner – to bring me to this new discovery. First of all I never ever was drawing, there was a reason for it but I don’t think it is important now. After doing a studies in subject that I did not find interesting or thrilling in any way I ended up studying at the art academy after all. I would never think about it as of a possibility when I was 24. But it somehow happened. And I was studying photography and performance. Never thought about any other direction that I could be up for. Until I did not – in a complete insane and unbelievable way – fall of the bike and broke my neck :). I was almost about to finish my studies and the fact that I had to cut the semester and go through 6 months of “healing” process caused me some sleepless nights and depressions. Everything was planned and set up and than suddenly this freaky thing happens and I have to put everything aside. I was not doing anything for 5 months…well meaning I was not being creative. And than all of sudden I start to hate the fact that I have to live with myself in such a vacuum and I decide to draw…and I draw and draw and I feel happy, and more I draw the more happy I am, the more energy I have and I feel as if somebody took the parts of me and glued them together, I feel like its me again but its new me because this new me feels the best when drawing. It is like a eruption of volcano, like an earthquake…I m insane from happiness that I still have some time to spend at the academy and this time is gonna be full of drawing :) So all I wanted to say is that if I did not break my neck 6 months ago Mr. Master would not be here with me today :) PS: It feels like I’ve discovered drawing through photography and now I m beginning to rediscover new possibilities of photography thanks to drawing…and that is so exciting



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  • love the one with birds singing, the telephone, animals, the big ostrich bowl and so on… you’re really great!
    it’d be wonderful to have such a draw on a postcard(like Tylkowski postcards :)).

  • Jajo says:

    Je to uzasne, krasne,farebne, aj snove a aj trochu sci-fi.. super Silvik!!!!!!! :))))

  • Nadja says:

    The drawings are really fantastic.
    Such wonderful details, and I love the surrealism.
    Keep it up, and, much fun!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I love them all! I do not know the other funs of them, but I am sure I am the biggest one! I love these colors, I love the STABILO (?) and I love this surrealism.
    …And I am so surprised by this fact at the same time. I keep my feet on the ground so much; I would never suppose that such ART could appeal to me.
    You are GREAT, Silvia! Keep on working!

  • adlytam says:

    that’s fantastic! <3

  • Anonymous says:

    loved your story and the picture with a head sticking out of grass and bubbly mushrooms all over the place :)

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