I feel that the older I am the more I’m trying to dig those tiny rests of child in me and bring them to life, take good care of them and hopefully make them grow bigger and bigger…Its so unfair how people when they’r kids want to grow up as fast as possible and do everything as adults…horrible..there should be some meaningful way of telling them to not hurry…to enjoy every second they have as kids because its so magic…being adult gets boring as hell because we are adults for most of our lives…so I found myself in the point where I consider those people who are funny ways negatively labeled as “the ones that never grew up” most interesting…I have feel such admiration to those who consciously resisted and reserved the luxury of keeping that childish to bigger extent than rest of us…what the hell…it is the biggest treasure one can have and should not let go of – that always surprised and curious soul, naturalness and impressibility….I remember reading a book by Jostein Gaarder – Sophie’s world when I was a teenager…I have to definitely read it again…but anyway there was this amazing description of growing up which I found so beautiful that I keep coming back to it till now….and I do think I’ve ever after read anything that magically explaining such a horrible fact :)… I am very often imagining myself how I am climbing up the rabbits fur and falling back on my ass….trying to find that particular part of the text I came across other quote that is just as magic….here u go

“A lot of people experience the world with the same incredulity as when a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat.…We know that the world is not all sleight of hand and deception because we are in it, we are part of it. Actually we are the white rabbit being pulled out of the hat. The only difference beween us and the white rabbit is that the rabbit does not realize it is taking part in a magic trick.” ..”As far as the white rabbit is concerned, it might be better to compare it with the whole universe. We who live here are microscopic insects existing deep down in the rabbit’s fur. But philosophers are always trying to climb up the fine hairs of the fur in order to stare right into the magician’s eyes……In one of his early letters to her Alberto had talked about the similarity between children and philosophers. She realized again that she was afraid of becoming an adult. Suppose she too ended up crawling deep down into the fur of the white rabbit that was pulled out of the universe’s top hat!…..Sophie realized that she had already begun to crawl down into the cozy rabbit’s fur, the very same rabbit that had been pulled from the top hat of the universe. But the philosopher had stopped her. He—or was it a she?—had grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her up again to the tip of the fur where she had played as a child. And there, on the outermost tips of the fine hairs, she was once again seeing the world as if for the very first time.”

“let’s say you and a small child go to a magic show, where things are made to float in the air. Which of you would have the most fun?” “I probably would.” “And why would that be?” “Because I would know how impossible it all is.” “So… for the child it’s no fun to see the laws of nature being defied before it has learned what they are. As long as we are children, we have the ability to experience things around us – but then we grow used to the world. To grow up is to get drunk on sensual experience.”

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  • filipovsky says:

    You have such a cool polar bear’s head on the wall! Too bad that I live right now among the people who actually put authentic heads of these bears on the walls… Silvia, doesn’t matter how childish we get with age, as long as it helps us remember about infant parts of us and lets us remember that we still sensitive enough to think about it, don’t you think?

  • I hate people who hunt animals and than take photos of them and even put them on their walls….for such I have 0 respect….I suppose that keeping that childish (or however to call it) tune vibrate inside of us is essential, it makes life more charming…

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