today was a good day…there were two surprises waiting for me…well the first one was actually only a half way surprise, but it made me happy as if it was a true one…exactly today on St. Nicolas day I found in my post box two books I ordered some time ago…Its Wildwood and it was written by Colin Meloy from Decemberists and beautifully illustrated by his wife Carson Ellis. The illustrations were actually the reason why I decided to get them but now that they’r here printed on nice paper and counting loads of pages I guess I just have to read them :)…. And the second surprise of the day was a big one…I’m not quite sure why I decided to share it with you….honestly I’m not a big fan of – what I wore today, how my hair looks today, what I ate today – type of blogs….and believe me its not because my closet counts only couple of favorite pieces or because my hair looks the same everyday and I eat whatever I see and mainly I see rise with tofu for 3 euros :)….But anyway….my mom who is a very busy person was driving by Vienna today for some meeting and called me to meet her in front of my house so she could give me St.Nicolas present…she even had not time to get of the car….as she is so busy and I am 33 I simply found that incredibly sweet…and when I looked into the package and found broccoli and Baileys I just could not help myself…hope u had a good one today as well…cheers :)

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I don't want my life to be a reason for other's life to be a suffering that is why I am vegan and that is how I want to raise my son. I love my little family, birds, rainy days and life on the road. I believe in life before death :).