works for sale

works for sale


SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE I want to apologize to you that it took me so long…but as before christmas there is millions of things going on and I just could not make it sooner no matter how I tried. So here the works for sale….all the money that I collect will be used to help shelter houses for animals. If u are interested in any of works please write me on my email so I can keep track of it somehow. In the description to each photo is the size, edition and price. Please write me the number of print on my email and I’ll get back to you to set all the details.

Print no.1 silk screen print, size 43×56,5 edition of 10 price – 40 euro plus shipping

Print no.2 silk screen print, size 59×40, edition of 14 price 40euro plus shipping

Print no.3 silk screen print, size 53×39, edition of 6 price 30 euro plus shipping

Print no.4 silk screen print, size 58×42, edition of 10 price 40 euro plus shipping

Print no.5 silk screen print, size 33×29,5 edition of 3 price 35 euro plus shipping

Print no.6 drypoint etching, size 38×27, edition of 2 price 50 euro plus shipping


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