delayed Japan

delayed Japan


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something and even longer since we’ve been in Japan. I never actually looked at the photos I did there. It was the first time that I traveled somewhere taking only digital camera. As we planed to move around a lot and wanted to shrink our luggage to minimum I thought I might give it a try…taking digital, one lens and zero negatives. But I truly hated it…I felt so uncomfortable and strange….it just was not me and I was fighting the feeling that I cant shoot at all…it was as if I was the beginner all over again…I could not get used to the camera…to the fact that I have a display on the back of it and when the photo I just took popped up there I was lost…it always looked horrible. After all Mr.B turned of that display for me in hope that it would make me feel more secure :) …well it did not…when we came back all the photos were put to a separate catalogue without me even looking at them and I forgot the story…Just could not make myself go through them or look at them…and I’m pretty sure it would stay that way if Mr.B did not do it and if he did not make the selection :)…so this is my Japan story from the photos I ‘ve never seen and I will never look through..this is what Mr.B found …



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