please hold the line

please hold the line


Ok this being pregnant thing is getting more and more serious each day….I was kind of lucky avoiding all the horrible scary pregnancy symptoms and was hoping for Mr.Little to stay inside at least for half a year longer…..It took only two weeks to change my mind…NOW I’m hoping for him to get out as soon as possible (of course as long as he is well, healthy and happy ). Last week I started to have a small pain in my tooth, by the afternoon it was a bigger pain in my tooth so we googled closest dentist to our place and went….after not very professional treatment I ended up in emergency at night with huge pain in my tooth….they did what could be done at the moment and advised me to my dentist next day :)….so a search for “my dentist” begun….and I ended up at third dentist in two days with a huge pain in two of my teeth…yesterday I went to see my dentist again with third tooth and this thing does not seem to be ending any time soon…It is getting worse and worse…my teeth treatment will last until Mr.Little is born and most probably long after he is born. As I am not taking pain killers I’m really not happy about this situation, actually I was very unhappy yesterday…SO unhappy that I cried from pain for half an hour without stopping…and such thing has not happened to me since my childhood probably. SO yes the scary pregnancy symptoms got me as well…and I am not talking about sleepless nights when I can’t change my position because I fell like a huge bug fallen on the back chaotically waving my four limbs in the air…the most awkward, clumsy way of walking which makes me look as half paralyzed whale in the circus and never ending sweating day and night….My body is no longer ME or MINE … it is occupied by this little man who is moving around almost non stop…turning my belly into some horror like looking mass changing shape and size…this little guy who is simply adjusting everything to his needs…and I am like a big cabinet with small head, legs, hands and huge ass walking around waiting for him to open the door and step out to our lives….In the mean time I ‘m trying to work on a illustration of theater play and I’m really looking for our coming one week holidays in Mazury…AND I have the best ever husband…when he saw me crying from pain yesterday he wanted to make me happy so he went through my old photos from Israel and made this small compilation of those which were not published before…I think that is sweet as hell :)

PS: if u know about any exciting illustration project that my work could fit in ( book cover, cd cover, magazine article, kids book, t-shirt design, wall paper design whatever that might be ) please let me know…I’d be very happy to start working from home for the next months :)


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I don't want my life to be a reason for other's life to be a suffering that is why I am vegan and that is how I want to raise my son. I love my little family, birds, rainy days and life on the road. I believe in life before death :).