yeah it can get too hot

yeah it can get too hot


I hate the weather talks…always hated them and always will. They are not even useful as a dull conversation saviors…No matter what, the subject weather is always connected with complains…its a never ending story…either too hot, too cold, too much rain, no rain, too much snow, no snow…the weather can never get right for longer than one day. I was always trying to fight with myself not to get involved in such boring and annoying bulshiting and hell that I was really close many times as I don’t happen to be happy about the weather condition all the time as well….last week I was listening a lot about the heat and I had my comments on how people are getting on my nerves complaining that it is too hot…common its a summer time and its supposed to be hot…if it was not everybody would be crying what a fucked up summer it is….BUT….the heat got me…I was trying to be over it very much till sunday evening…yesterday was a total knock down…I’m literally not doing anything else since yesterday but complaining how crazy bad I feel…Our flat thanks to the fact that it’s actually on a cellar level has always been quite cold and very pleasant in the summer…unbeatable got beaten and I’m sweating and boiling in my own sauce…..I had a huge drawing plans, photo plans and kitchen plans as Mr.B’s and my parents are coming for visit tomorrow…NONE of them happened…I spend last two days more or less in the bed half naked with wet towel on my head…Mr.T acts as the weirdest creature in the world…he lies in the sun until he is almost fainting and when we gradually cool him with water he goes inside, hides himself under the bed sheets and comes out only in the moment when he can’t breath anymore….it takes him 20 loud minutes to cool down…and than he does the same thing over again….I really don’t remember introducing him sauna on our trip to Finland…so I wander where this comes from. Well what I wanted to say with all this complaining was that I was all ready to run this blog properly on a regular basis but the weather is against me :)

PS: ps has to be of course…IT has to be because I have to thank for all the comments under my last post…I felt like being welcomed at home after being on a long journey away…I felt like loosing my virginity writing a new post after such a long time and this amazing welcome home was so unexpected and warm that it made me really sentimental.


really good for the heat…pears, cucumber, kale, coconut water, chia seeds ….its super delicious



morning energy supply…frozen bananas, dates, vanila soy milk, coconut water



when Mr.T cant take the heat and does not give a shit about the ball it means its a case of emergency



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