let it rain and rain and rain

let it rain and rain and rain


its raining third day in a row an I LOVE it….I love this kind of weather…beginning of autumn….the smell of the air – mixture of wet wood, fallen leafs, misty air, and some secret ingredient which I can’t figure out….Looking out of the window makes me calm in the moments when I start to freak out about what is going to happen very soon…I’m sitting by my table thinking of all the things I want to do before Mr.Litte is born and I will be occupied with new duties and emotions…I feel like I want to do so much, finish so many things, ideas in my head are just bursting and I am getting stressed that there is no time to make them all happen…I also started to prepare things at home and of course came across the term nesting which I hate from the bottom of my heart….why is something that has to be done described as some kind of mental disorder….When you know you have guests coming over you also prepare them a place to sleep….when you know you are gonna have a child soon you just have to prepare some things for this new situation, it is not a matter of some secret brain or hormonal moves, it is simply a necessity…so why pregnancy nesting syndrome?… I really don’t get it…it comes from birds nest right?….but as far as I know most of birds build nests together…the male goes out and brings “the bricks” and female puts them in order…thats it…its a natural process…I just can’t help it but hearing “pregnant women nesting” gives me goose bumps and I start to feel like a chicken right away…not that I have anything against chicken at all !!!! anyway…cleaning my table I came across these slides that I have bought exactly year ago at Olympia market…I loved them as objects and of course for the same reason as we all love to look at old photos of anonymous people….I scanned couple of them just to become a part of somebody’s else story for a short glimpse of time….before I get back to drawing…I still dream of getting into the car and driving north than getting a prom and be taken to Bornholm or Gotland…but as Mr.B is not a midwife I suppose its better to stay at home….for now….



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  • tuń says:

    This season promises something and that in itself is something exciting. Besides, fall is perhaps the most magical of seasons. Silvia do not worry, you still have a whole life ahead to do everything …. plus a little more. Waiting for new works of yours :)

  • Anonymous says:

    That secret ingridient – it’s smoke.

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