prague spirit and other sensations

prague spirit and other sensations

two weeks ago I got my firs tattoo done…I wanted to have one since I was 19 or 20 which qualifies me to say I wanted to have one for a looong time….when I started to play with that idea, there was a great boom of girls getting their backs tattooed in the waistline with some flowery ornaments…I could not look at it anymore and decided to have a tattoo done on my neck, but I had not really figured out what I wanted to have there….so I decided to skip the idea and wait until I’ll have a clear “product image” ….well I did skip it at that time, and forgot about having it done for years…I was just overtaken by the flow of situations and their consequences with irregular flashes reminding me, that I wanted to get a tattoo once….around half a year ago these flashes changed into one constant thought which was growing in my head bigger and bigger until I could not turn it off anymore…I decided that the time has come :) ….I started to look for the artist whom I would trust enough to let him draw on me…and I found the MAN….I absolutely fell for Lionel Fahy

the style he has is what I was in search for…fairy tail like, kind of naive drawings with some sort of lightness in them….tattoos that are poems, like stories spreading over your body so aerial and weightless….I was lucky enough – higher power – to get an appointment with him in Prague where he was one week hosting in Tribo and all I can say is that I m looking forward our next meeting in october, because he is not only a great tattoo artist but also a super interesting person doing loads of great stuff…

I’m a proud owner of this book, so that I have enough inspiration for the next session … thank you Lionel :)

but not to give all the credits to Mr.Fahy I can not forget to mention that Mr.B was in Prague with me of course and he was really doing great … I suppose that he was more stressed about the situation (I did not talk here about the big mother/tattoo issue :) ) than me at some point …so after Lionel finished his job we went to see some good friends of mine and Mr.B let the stress drown in the glasses of beer and vodka…I could not drink that much but Mr. shocked me not just with amount of alcohol he had but also with the fact that he stayed with us – slovak/czech speaking monsters until 5.30 in the morning…only waking up was a bit painful – PRAGUE SPIRIT :)

as Mr.B’s hangover and my cigarette-overdose-headache was a topic for whole day we only managed to have a very healthy lunch somewhere

see some brutal scene in the middle of the pond

and fight against Mr.B’s bizzare ideas and other monsters on the way home

…I always knew Mr.B has a big heart…

have a goooood weekend everyBODY

my baby don’t care for shows

my baby don’t care for shows

…. second week in tuscany…
…. third place we’r staying at ….
…. second day raining ….
…. ? bottles of white wine ….
…. ? bottels of red wine …
…. ? amount of pizzas ….
…. ? kilos gained ….
…. one and a half day of deep depression ….
…. 2300 km done ….
…. 6 rolls of film ….
…. 5 movies watched ….
…. one fight with Mr.B ….
…. zero fights with Mr.T ….
…. two days left ….

I have a big problem with eating culture in Italy…first of all I can not eat whenever I want…I have to be hungry during designated hours, which means that if I get hungry between 15.00 to 18.00 I can either cook myself or go to sleep…but on the other hand in the evening these crazy people go to restaurant at 20.00 and get themselves a nice five course dinner…with the best will we tried this custom…I did not sleep all night, concentrating very much but unsuccessfully on digesting and Mr.B solved the situation at two o’clock at night, when he decided to puke it all out…otherwise all good till now…I keep being stubborn and shoot only film so I cant upload anything…but Master B is being more than productive testing digital Leica and uploading some nice picturesque landscapes on his blog…well what else to shoot in Tuscany :)

and Edith Piaf is singing in the background

and Edith Piaf is singing in the background

since yesterday Warszaw…flat is a mess…I am a mess….weather is a mess…Mr.B is in the bath with his new Kindle, dont know what to think about that….washing machine was fool of socks which I forgot to wash before we left, when I opened it Mt.T turned green, since than he does not want to be alone, dont know what to think about that either…I am scanning hard the only one film I did in one month, dont know what to think about that…I hear Edith Piaf singing from our “saloon”, what to think about that?!….and while scanning I found this great project that I find extremely good, at least something is clear :)

who cares it is 2011

who cares it is 2011

so all the craziness is over, christmas and new year’s celebration…two “events” which I stopped understanding some time ago and my confusion about them is stronger every year (but I have to admit that I partied really HARD on New Year :). The good thing about it is, that I got to spend some time with my family. I wont deny that it all did not go so smooth and without any problems…after all each of us has a completely different life style going on, but we managed pretty well anyway. No family catastrophe, no loss on lives or permanent damage to mental health, which means that it will be very difficult to pack myself and go back to Warszaw….but it makes no sense to bother myself with such thoughts at the moment, since the date of our departure is still not clear. Something unexpected happend and we got some jobs here in Banska with Mr.B. We’ ll see how it goes, and if it goes we might have to stay one more week in Slovakia. It is kind of hard to keep track with my “internet life” since the connection in the mountains is really bad and I m happy to take a brake from the virtual reality…so for now just a small upload. An older photo of Zofka, which I love very much because it reminds me the times when she was able to live by herself and did not need home nurse, and a very recent photo of Mr.B and me working in interesting places on interesting photos.

instant soup

instant soup

what to say here…nothing…the garden…the workers…and the last the best Karinka with Lajza

…things that happened on the way…

…things that happened on the way…

…things that happened on the way…

…long way…on the road without an end…

…together with Sven…who used to cry in the evenings…trying to make us stop by making all sorts of crazy sounds…

…meeting nothing else than cars…

…more cars….proud cars…

…hiding cars…

…and reindeers who dont give a fuck about those cars at all….

…which is not always fun…

…death is not fun, but it is photogenic….

….as well as people when you finally meet them….

…but most of the time the only person I was meeting was Mr.B. ….

…who was unhappy cause he could not shoot people….

…only animals…

…and trees….

…and more trees which really do get on your nerves sometimes…

…so to cheer up we were shooting in the deep night…

….but nobody can appreciate that since nobody would find out that these photos were taken in the night…

….no, no this one is not a night shot, just regular tourist photo ….

….but quickly back to the cars…..

…and when there were no cars we were trying to make some art…

…but it did not work out, Mr. B is not much of emo and I’m not much of Rineke Dijkstra….

…facing this fact we decided to take a prom and get home very fast….

…and of course we treated ourselves with a nice plastic glass of vine….

…and another one and another one and another one……….

Mr.B and Mr.T still together

Mr.B and Mr.T still together



The polish adventure started three weeks ago. I feel like constantly riding on roller-coaster. Ups and downs, more of downs I have to say. Guess I m not good at handeling situations when its cold and snowing, everything seems to be more difficult.
I dont really take much photos. Actually I take zero photos. Is it a lack of inspiration? Is it caused by frozen fingers and cold feets?

If your soul is too heavy? We can store it for you….

I ll pick it up later, maybe in march….

Or I ll try to warm up and become a friend with Mr.B ‘s scanner, which hates me

Until than only some by-the-way hits

Scotland via Krakow and back

Scotland via Krakow and back

short story shorter…. I’m home alone. Home means Warsaw at the moment, alone means just me and Mr.T. As Mr.B would say it is snowing like crazy, which actually means it is snowing, and the two of us did not feel like going anywhere. AND since I miss taking photos for last two weeks I decided at least to look through my pics in notebook. The only scans I found are those from trip to Isle of Sky last year in september. So what, my blog is like a small child without memory, indeed why not to upload something from subconsciousness.

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