Mr.B is in Kijev….I am in Vienna feeling kind of stiff and clumsy…trying to brainstorm for two graphic classes “homeworks” … but everything I do looks terribly bad…with drawing it is so strange….u can do anything, which means absolutely anything and even more than that….its like an unlimited space…you sit down take a pen and you wanna start draw…and than it comes, the shock…Its like felix Baumgartner siting on the edge of his capsula looking down to little something to the small point where he wants to get, but first he has to jump into the open space…that is how I felt today when I wanted to make a drawing for another silk screen print…like a tiny something sitting on the edge of unlimited possibilities and my head started to spin around and my breath became irregular and my hands were shaky…millions of possible ways and you don’t know which one to take…even Agatha Christie did not help…Murder of Roger Ackroyd always gets me to the mood….I guess I’m gonna take Mr.T for a walk and treat myself with some hot chocolate….

Did not get me a hot chocolate because the only place around that offers it for takeaway is Starbucks….sorry that does not sound good….I decided to do small shopping…and again the same situation…I hate doing shopping for anything and everything besides books and pencils…I thought I have it all set in mind…I was sure I know what I go for…its always the same…I enter the shop and in 10 seconds don’t know what exactly I wanted..maybe this, maybe that…and I end up getting bunch of things that I did not actually want and need but I take them anyway because its better than nothing…its ok to shop online…you have time to think it through…if u r not sure u bookmark it in the long wish list…than u forget about it and you save money …but shopping in the shops is disaster…to many things that stare at me and look like I might wanna eat them…or to many toothpastes that scream they’r the best for every problem…even those problems that I don’t know I have…So I came to cashier after 5 minutes of chaotic running around ( I always get stressed when Mr.T is waiting for me outside )…I stand in the line ….one men before behind me…take the things out of the basket and than it hits me….I feel like I m watching myself in the american comedy movie…I see this stereotyped role of menstruating ( even I’m not at this blessed period of month right now )unhappy woman getting ready for pyjama party…the guy before me buys 6 beers, 2 bottles of milk and duplo…and than there is me with 3 bottles of lemon flavoured mineral water, snacks for Mr.T (to make it perfect I should be getting cat food ), 2 packs of scented tea lights and 5 different sorts of chocolate….Thank god he had that duplo




I’ve always been a great fan of daily projects or at least projects based on some sort of regularity. I’ve been doing them myself….some of them are on my web…morning graphics…one minute w and than the beds….I think that the process itself is of biggest importance because it keeps me connected to reality and gives me sense of doing even on days when I actually don’t do anything meaningful….I thought Mr. Master would be another daily based project because he just came one day, we hanged out and everything was so easy….but things changed as I moved back to Vienna…Mr. Master is still around we do have our little chats but I have no time to capture his life and share it with the rest of the world regularly…I got lost in time and space little bit, trying to find my place again after not being in Vienna for 7 months…getting back to University and having the mind occupied with the content of classes that I’m taking…Than I made the decision that I will give a chance to digital camera, at least in some situations to shorten some processes and make some things go faster so I’d have time for others….Well and right at the moment when I looked through the viewfinder I knew its a chance for another daily project….When I was doing beds it was very important to have the data back in the camera as the analog process caused that sometimes I had the film developed with 2 or 3 months delay…dates on the photos were useful – necessary…Now I snap the photo and its in my computer right away…this ultra fast reality made me little confused and I started to think how should I progress…which is the proper form for new project…how to go on with it…until I decided that the best I can do is stop analyzing it and just do it as it comes…without any additional thinking…if there is any idea behind it at all it is super simple…manual processes captured by digital camera….well lets see what it brings….I’m curios myself


Homo sapiens is poised to become the greatest catastrophic agent since a giant asteroid collided with the Earth sixty-five million years ago, wiping out half the world’s species in a geological instant. – Dr. Richard Leakey

We have come to look at our planet as a resource for our species, which is funny when you think that the planet has been around for about five billion years, and Homo sapiens for perhaps one hundred thousand. We have acquired an arrogance about ourselves that I find frightening. We have come to feel that we are so far apart from the rest of nature that we have but to command. – Marston Bates

In May …..

Mr. B and Mr.T remained friends

even visited some exhibition…Mr.T did not find it very interesting

so they rather enjoyed the time ….

in honeymoon jersey sheets

AND Mr.B got pregnant …. hmmmmmm

and some other small miracles happened on the way

slovak tradition in May is to built a Máj

because May is the time of LOVE

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I don't want my life to be a reason for other's life to be a suffering that is why I am vegan and that is how I want to raise my son. I love my little family, birds, rainy days and life on the road. I believe in life before death :).